Ruth (Congo)

At age 24, Ruth came to America with her two brothers, sister and mother from the Congo.  They were very happy to be able to come together.  Ruth was pregnant with twins when she came to America, one boy and one girl.  Her husband was not able to come with her.  It is common in Africa to have different last names and her husband’s name was not tide to her family name at the time.  The vetting and immigration process had not been completed for her husband, so their family is currently waiting and pray that he will have the opportunity really soon to come to America with them.  Ruth had two healthy babies almost five months ago.  She was sad that her husband was not with her, but has been fortunate to talk to him on the telephone.  The phone calls are very, very expensive for her.

Ruth and her brothers were blessed to be educated in the refugee camps.  She speaks very little English but is practicing a lot.  Her mother, Rachel, helps to watch her babies while she works and attends English classes.  Her brothers also work and attend English classes.  One of her brothers is doing well at Job Corps here in Memphis and looks forward to having some additional job skills.  One of her brothers has obtained his driver’s license and that has really helped their family to get around the city.

One of the hardest things for Ruth is understanding all of the resources and insurance that are available to help her and her newborn babies.  Ruth wants the very best for her son and daughter (Kelvin and Kelvine) and is happy they will have an opportunity to go to school.  She looks forward to the day that her husband will be here in America with her to help her.  She misses him very much but trusts that God will bring him to her soon.


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