JeneRose (Burundi)

JeneRose was born in Burundi during a time of chaos and persecution. She was born in the wee hours of the morning, and on that same morning when JeneRose was only a few hours old, her family fled to Uganda to escape certain death in their village. As a result, she grew up in refugee camps in Uganda and Tanzania, married, and started her family there. She and her husband have 12 lovely children who are smart, hard-working students.

JeneRose enjoys sewing and is quite talented.  She hand sews colorful aprons (shown on front picture), scarves, purses and African style clothing.  JeneRose has enjoyed making skirts more American style at times.  Her girls love to wear the long skirts and outfits their mother makes them.  Asha’s Refuge has enjoyed sharing with others about her talent and helping JeneRose to make a little extra money with her micro-home business.

Sewing is not the only area JeneRose has displayed her talent to us.  She is a wonderful gardener, cook and enjoys showing us how she can balance many items on top of her head.  While this is a skill many Africans can do, not all are as good at this as JeneRose!

As a Christian couple, they have instilled in their children a love of Jesus and the Bible, which they study together as a family every evening at 7pm. They attend Christ Methodist Church and are leaders in the local Burundi community.


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