Asha (Somalia)

After living in a refugee camp in Ethiopia, Asha made her way to the United States the end of December 2010.  When she was just ten years old she ran for her safety escaping dangers of the Somali Civil war.  Asha was not alone.  She took on the full responsibility of mothering her two infant nieces and seven year old younger brother.  Their sister passed away in Africa after giving birth to the youngest little girl. 

During Asha’s escape with her little family, the truck they boarded to escape the war flipped over.  The babies and her little brother all flew out of the truck.  They were scratched up and bruised but okay.  Asha, however, was not okay.  Her legs were pinned underneath the truck.  After many hours the truck was lifted off of ten year old Asha.  There were no hospitals.  Medical care for her leg injuries was not available.  For ten more years, Asha lived in the refugee camp literally crawling around on her hands and knees.  Asha, beat all odds and made it to America to start her life anew. 

When we met Asha she was crawling around on the floor with no access to a wheelchair. She could not get in and out of the shower, reach the counters or stove top to cook.  Getting to English classes, obtaining a job, going to the doctor or getting to the grocery store was complicated for her to accomplish.  Our founder, Jamie Jones, met Asha and began working with her.  Asha introduced to Jamie many other refugees in her similar situation.  Thus, came, Asha’s Refuge.

The name Asha means “life” or “hope”.  Asha’s determination and perseverance in her struggles has been a great example to us.  She is who Asha’s Refuge is named after. Asha’s Refuge plans to build “a place of hope” for others like Asha.

Today, Asha and her family are doing very well.  She has worked handling clothes in a local thrift shop.  Her brother drives a freight truck on a regular route back and forth from Nashville, TN to TX.  Asha’s two nieces are in High School, are happy, have made a lot of friends and are doing very well with their education.  Asha’s brother has married and has two children.  Asha has recently obtained her drivers permit and is looking forward to gaining her independence even more by getting her license to drive.  Asha looks forward to getting married in a year and having a few children.


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